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Dave Algeo, Speaker & Trainer

Resilience and Male Mental Health

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Success with Wellbeing...

Thank you for visiting my website. I’m Dave Algeo and I am a writer, speaker, and run workshops on subjects relating to personal and team wellbeing, developing resilience for managers and their people and have a particular passion and interest in male mental health. Use this page to navigate you way round the website, or just get in touch with me if you want to discuss how I can work with you and your organisation.

To learn more about Dave’s work check out the below:

  Learn more about Dave’s workshop range

Learn more about Dave’s workshop range

  Holding a conference, away day or event?

Holding a conference, away day or event?

  Need to improve your sleep? Stress Less, Relax More?

Need to improve your sleep? Stress Less, Relax More?

  Looking for resilience or performance coaching?

Looking for resilience or performance coaching?


Learn more…

To learn more about me, click here, or dig around my wealth of resources including my podcast (Man Sprouts), the Man Sprouts Movement, and my range of videos and resources, including the Daily Sprout:


“Dave, just wanted to let you know, I’ve heard back from the conference sponsor... Everyone is still buzzing and talking about your session. Even those who weren’t at the event!”


"Dave presented at the NEPG 2017 to teach postgraduate students how to stress less, a huge task! Nevertheless, Dave managed to have us all engaging with the talk and laughing through, with very helpful tips on looking after our inner radishes!"


Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, is a great opportunity for us to raise awareness and give our people the chance to invest in their own self-care and development.  To that end, we asked Dave Algeo to deliver a number of short sessions in our London and Newcastle Offices on stress and resilience.  Dave’s style is perfect for dealing with a potentially difficult topic.  His use of down to earth tools and strategies, a touch of humour and some memorable metaphors - I won’t forget the cabbages and sprouts for a long time - created a powerful and positive impact for our people.  The feedback from attendees at his session has been fantastic and it was great to see so many people leaving his sessions smiling and talking positively about the subject.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Dave and his hones, down to earth humorous approach to add some real value, positivity and impact to your events.’




“We asked Dave to deliver a session on managing personal resilience at our Mid-Year Department Head’s Conference. The aim of the conference is to reflect on past success and performance and focus on future challenges. Dave’s session was intended to encourage some reflection on managing the demands of the role in a multi-national environment and maintaining well-being. The short session proved to be a fantastic compliment to the main business. Dave’s ‘Stress CPR’ strategy and tools, along with his entertaining and engaging style proved a hit amongst my team and major talking point thereafter. I believe the resources provided during that session are helping my team perform more effectively, without forgetting the need to look after their own health and stress levels.”


“We pride ourselves on giving our clients a supportive, friendly and professional service. Our annual conferences, in particular, allow us to offer our customers a chance to network, share best practice and learn. We asked Dave Algeo, Stress(ed) Guru, to present his ‘Stress CPR’ showcase to over 100 delegates at our 2015 conference. We recognise that stress and the need to develop a tool-kit of tactics to develop resilience within teams is vital to success. Dave went down a storm! He provided a hugely engaging session, combining great strategies, tips and tactics, with humour, creative delivery styles and a down to earth practical approach which resonated with our audience.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dave for your conference and I know several of our clients are keen to engage Dave to run some bespoke workshops within their own organisations to achieve success and enhance well-being.”


Professional Speaking Association

North East Chapter

Professional Speaking Association of which Dave is a Professional Member

Dave Algeo is also current Regional President of the North East Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association UK, part of the Global Speakers Federation.

If you are looking for other great speakers on different or complimentary topics, get in touch with Dave as the PSA network has a wealth of great speakers to ensure your event is a success.