Dave Algeo

Speaker and 'Stressed Guru'

dave algeo, motivational speaker on resilience and men's mental health

Performance AND Wellbeing: the key to success

Dave knows that the key to sustainable success is through a performance and wellbeing focused culture.  He knows, like you, that your people are the key to that success.

The only way to create lasting, sustainable, success is to motivate, inspire, equip and lead your people so that everyone of them sees wellbeing as a critical ingredient in achieving that success.  

Sprout Lingo for Larger Audience Events

Dave's larger audience one to three hour sessions can be a powerful way of not just motivating and equipping your people with practical tools and strategies, but a great way to positively influence culture.  Dave's use of metaphors has led to client organisations adopting the 'sprout lingo' as a way of more openly discussing and supporting performance and wellbeing in teams and departments.

Memorable event, memorable tools

Dave specialises in sharing tools and techniques using memorable metaphors which are practical and no nonsense.  His use of, in particular, his cabbage and sprout props, have led him to return to conferences by request, appearances on TV (including the Davina Hour, Channel W with Davina McCall), Radio and Podcast.

Dave is focused on shifting our perception that success and wellbeing is an either-or choice.  It's not.  Whether you work in high pressure sales, engineering, manufacturing, academia, health or criminal justice to name but a few, a 'success with wellbeing' culture can be the factor that sets you apart and ahead in your profession, market or business sector.

Credible, professional and great to work with

Dave's years of experience delivering excellence in high pressure environments (policing for over 20 years) has helped shape his outlook and approach to sharing his tools, strategies and messages.  His experience developing, empowering and inspiring others to not just believe they can do, but actually go out and do has led to him being recognised as a motivational, powerful and memorable speaker in organisations spanning the public, corporate and charity sectors.

The Man Sprouts Movement

As well as supporting organisations through his large audience events and motivational speaking on resilience and wellbeing, Dave is focused on male mental health.  Dave believes that developing the way men open up and talk about their mental health is critical in not only reducing the rates of male suicide and psychological crisis, but in helping them achieve their full potential in work and life.  His podcast Man Sprouts and his focus on growing the Man Sprouts Movement is his contribution.  Dave's ultimate aim is to take a 'positive sprout-look' on men's mental health and personal growth.

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