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About Man Sprouts

Man Sprouts is more than a podcast.  It's about shifting the culture around men and their wellbeing.  Sign-up here to receive the podcast weekly:

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Thriving as a man in the world today requires a shift in our mindset, development of new skills and a willingness to challenge the existing culture.

It can be challenging finding our place amidst the confusing stereotypes and expectations.  And, we may not be great at opening up about our feelings, struggles and desires. 

The Man Sprouts Movement...

Join the Man Sprouts Movement today.  Reclaim your 'Man Sprouts,' your place in life and speak up for your mental wellbeing.  Receive the podcast weekly and links to additional resources and tools explored in the podcast episodes:

The Man Sprouts Man-ifesto book laying out Dave's men's mental health agenda

The Man Sprouts Man-ifesto sets out to identify the key elements of 'speaking up for men's mental health' - It's a very short, easy read e-book.  claim it now by signing up above.

Dave Algeo, is a writer, speaker and trainer, specialising in working with individuals and organisations to achieve sustainable success.  In other words, success without sacrificing ones own wellbeing.

His life experience with stress, strain and anxiety has led him to have a real passion for promoting men's mental health and wellbeing.  The Man Sprouts Movement has been born of a real concern with the challenges men face in being open about their mental health and defining themselves in a world of confusing male stereotypes.  

Check out the Man Sprouts Podcast to learn more and become part of 'speaking up for male mental health...

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