The ‘Crisis Continuum’ continued - What action to take | When is a Mid-life Crisis really a Crisis? Pt 3

In my last blog, I introduced my ‘mid-life crisis continuum’ in an effort to highlight the fact that much of what we label as ‘mid-life crisis’ often isn’t anything like a crisis. However... 

Stumbling headlong into crisis?

If we are not aware, equipped and willing to confront some of the very human feelings, thoughts and questions that arise at the 'moderate' end of the continuum, we could find ourselves in trouble. It is important to recognise (and that’s why I see this as a continuum), that we can slip, stumble or plough headlong into the crisis end (severe and catastrophic on the continuum). 

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The ‘Mid-Life Crisis Continuum’ - When is a Mid-life Crisis really a Crisis? Pt 2

In my last blog, I explored the word ‘crisis’ and what it might mean when it comes to a so called ‘mid-life crisis.’  Having done so, it is clear that the word and the term is often used to describe a phenomenon which can range from mild acting out (maybe buying an ‘age inappropriate’ pair of jeans) to catastrophic (involving serious harm or loss).

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