Stop! 😡 Don't press send on THAT email 😡 - you might regret it...

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed (angry, frustrated or unable to think straight) in the moment that you did something you later wished you hadn't?

Me too!

Look, it's human to feel overwhelmed with the emotional tsunami of some situations.

The trick is to catch yourself before you press that 'DESTRUCT' button - or, as i'm sure we have all done at some point, pressed SEND on an email reply that YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE PRESSED SEND ON. So this week's Weekly Radish video, gives you three steps to dealing with overwhelm more positively...

This happened to me only last week. I have been wrestling with Facebook ads (grrrr!). And, after hours of work, my beautifully crafted ad was rejected by the Facebook Ad team.

I felt so frustrated because I felt so much hung on getting these adverts off the ground. I started to personalise it - 'Facebook, those @!x?@@!%'s they've got it in for me!.'

You get the picture? I knew that I was at risk of chucking my keyboard out the window!

So I 'Stepped Away (went and put the kettle on), administered the 'Rescue Breath' and then asked myself - 'Cabbage, or Sprout?' In other words, I reflected on just how serious this rejection was.

In reality, it was a frustration, but it was possible to rectify by spending a few minutes reviewing the reasons for rejection. Yes they were pretty general, but I got the picture and made the necessary changes - oh, and saved myself the cost of replacing my keyboard too!

Don't let your emotions get the better of you in that instant of overwhelm. Remember those three critical steps in the video.

Catch you next week.

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