Why don’t you just ask? | Three reasons why we struggle to ask for help

In this week’s video I want you to reflect on asking for help and whether you do ask when you need to.  Asking for help can be difficult for many of us.  It can feel like a sign of weakness or that we aren’t coping and we don’t want to burden others.  But, it is an essential ingredient to success and to maintaining our own wellbeing.  Do you recognise these three reasons why we don’t ask for help? Next week we will look at why it is important to get past these barriers and ask for or tap into support.

I have struggled with this one in the past and have been very prone to holding it all in.  It can sometimes feel easier to ‘carry on regardless’ but that can lead to disaster at worst and dragging out painful experiences and struggles far longer than necessary.  Reflect on how you can build constructive support into your life and next week I will give three kinds of support you need.

More next week.

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