And… Sleep | Three areas to focus on to improve your sleep

Sleep is a vital ingredient in improving our wellbeing.  The trouble is for many of us, when feeling stressed out we can fall into some poor sleep habits.  This week’s video sees the start of a short series of weekly radish videos in which I focus on how to improve sleep quality.  This week I highlight the three areas to give some attention to and identify where you might need to focus your efforts.

So, my suggestion this week, is to reflect on the three areas I provide in the video and see if you can identify a particular area to focus on. I will cover each area over the next three weeks and provide some tips but for this week, take one area that seems to resonate with you and see if you can identify some small tweaks to make to start improving things.  You may find it makes a big difference, but don’t worry if not.  It’s about making some small but significant changes over the coming weeks to improve your sleep habits and environment.

More next week.

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