Last Weekly Radish - My three rules for life | Devising your own life rules

In this week’s video, I bid farewell to the weekly radish with a call to action.  I want you to come up with your own three rules for you life.  Three rules or reminders that help you focus on improving your wellbeing and how you live your life (at work, rest and play).  I share my three rules, not to promote them as the answer for you, but to highlight how important it is to take life’s lessons (and those from the past years weekly radish videos) and tailor them to suit the amazing individual that is you.  So, go on - craft your own three rules and share them with me at  

Oh, and if you are brave enough - create your own weekly radish video (no need for anything fancy) and share them with me - I will happily publish the best on my You Tube channel

I hope the suggestions in this video have given you food for thought.  Do let me know what your three rules for life would be… (email me at

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