3 tips to develop a Growth Mindset

Weekly Radish 27

Developing a Growth Mindset

As I mentioned in last week's weekly radish on developing a growth mindset, it is easy to get stuck in fixed thinking.  And what can be worse is that we can believe we are stuck and have no ability to change.  It's ironic that the belief we cannot change in itself is part of a fixed mindset.  yet, as I hope I evidenced in the last video, it is more than possible to change our thinking patterns,  The first step is knowing that we can, then believing it is possible for us, and then applying ourselves regularly to the task of making that change happen and then stick.

I hope you found this video and these tips valuable - let me know your thoughts by hitting reply. They are only three of many ways we can tackle fixed thinking, so experiment and play with it. Learning, after all, is a fantastic way of developing your thinking towards a more growth focus.  I'd also be interested in what you might identify in yourself.  I think many of us, whilst not wholly stuck in fixed mindset, have specific issues or beliefs that fall into the category of 'fixed thinking.'  So, if you have identified something, then drop a comment into this blog.

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Dave Algeo
Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

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