50 til I'm 50 update

daily sprout 208

Today I provide an update on my 'fifty till I'm fifty' personal challenge.  If you haven't seen my previous video, it's a simple daily challenge to do fifty repetitions of an exercise every day until I'm fifty.  As you will learn from the update, it hasn't gone according to my original plan. But that's what happens in life and on occasion, we need to adapt when we hit an obstacle or set-back.  So sit back and watch my latest efforts in improving my fitness in small but significant daily chunks.

After watching, why not identify something you can do and set yourself a small but significant challenge too.  And let me know in the comments section what you have chosen to undertake.

Keep an eye out for the next blog.

Dave Algeo
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- Update on my 50 till I'm 50 challenge.

(guitar music)

Right, those of you are Daily
Sprout addicts will know

that I did a video a little while ago,

setting out my 50 till I'm 50 challenge,

which was to do 50 press-ups
a day until I'm 50.

So, I've got about another
three and a bit years to go

on my challenge.

Trouble is, I went and
developed tendonitis didn't I?

So rather than give up,
I adapted, I adjusted,

and I overcame,

and I've changed it to 50
and squats till I'm 50.

So, here we go.

Get ready and count.




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