A question regarding procrastination

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So, Are you a Procrastibator?

Ok, so it's a strange question, but, in this video I explain why I came to appreciate this word as really useful when talking about procrastination.  You know, the art or urge to put things off that really need doing?  I think we can all be prone to indulging in procrastination, and the first step in overcoming it, is to be honest about it.  And then catch yourself in the act.  That's the first step to taking control over the urge.  We are all human.We all have these tendencies especially when it comes to specific activities or things that we particularly don't enjoy doing. Or maybe you are a perfectionist and you find yourself putting off those critical things rather than accepting the 'good enough' is good enough.  Whatever the reason, watch today's daily sprout and start to get better at dealing with your urge to procrastinate.

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- Are you a procrastibator?

(slow guitar music)

Go on admit it you are aren't you?

We all are.

We all have this temptation
to procrastinate,

to put off to give in to that urge

to leave the important stuff till later.

It's a very human thing.

And in order to start to overcome
that procrastination urge,

our procrastibation tendency,

we have to first
acknowledge that we do it.

So just ask yourself that question.

Are you a procrastibator?

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