Always Rushing?

daily sprout 207

Try Nose Breathing

In today's video, I share a tip I received from my personal trainer - Duncan O'Brien PhD.  This is a technique which is used when building fitness and does so by forcing you to slow down and breathe through your nose.  I explain the technique and encourage you to try it out not just when physical training but also when you just feel like you are rushing around from one thing to another.  It's encouraging you to slow down.

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- Try nose breathing to slow down.


(uptempo music)

Right, this is a great
technique that was given to me

by a personal trainer, a friend of mine,

who gave me this technique
to almost force me

to slow down in some activities
that I was engaging in.

And I think it's really useful

when we find ourselves
rushing in day to day life.

Just, when you catch
yourself rushing about,

doing that stress walk
at 100 miles an hour,

just stop, slow down,
and start to breathe in

(inhaling) and out (exhaling)

through your nose, but
carry on your activity,

and you'll find that that breathing

should slow down your activity

because you can't maintain the same pace

when you change your breathing.

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