Catch The Apple - a confidence tip

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In today's daily sprout  I am joined by Featuring Dr Simon Raybould - who shares a great little confidence tip entitled "Catch the apple.'

Todays' daily sprout  transcript:

Simon: Oy, Dave, catch the apple. Right, so here's the thing, right? Catch the apple, piece of cake. Pass this back.

- K.

- Simon: So, catch the apple the second time but this time if you drop it, you owe us a tenner.

- Oh no.

- Simon: So, what's that done to how hard it's made it to catch the apple?

- Well, it's made me extra careful.

- Simon: Right, but it's made no difference at all to how hard it is to actually catch the apple, right?

- All right.

- Simon: Yeah and that's what a lot of people do, they start worrying about the consequence of stuff going wrong, the consequences of what they're doing and not worrying about what they're actually doing. They make a big production number out of something as simply as catching the apple. So, there you go, catch.

- Easy.

- Simon: So, here's the deal, right? When you're doing something that really matters to you, you concentrate on doing it, just the thing and let the cards fall where they may about the consequences otherwise you just make it more likely if you get it wrong doing whatever it is that you're trying to do. There's a bruise on this bit.

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Dave Algeo

Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

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