Don't write anyone off

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In life, it can be easy to write people off.  maybe they have hurt you, let you down after making a promise, or no matter how many times you seem to explain how to do something, they still fail to do it right.  And maybe you have been written off by someone else?  Maybe it’s time to recognise that, whilst anyone of us is still living and breathing there is an opportunity to change.  You want that opportunity right?  So return the favour and give others the same chance.  Let's face it how does it feel when someone dismisses you or writes you off. It hurts, doesn't it? And it can affect you by making you angry and motivated to prove them wrong or it can confirm your own inner voice that is telling you the same thing.  The latter is particularly damaging and something to work on.  

This doesn't mean you put up with unacceptable behaviour or treatment.  Not writing someone off may mean you do need to end a relationship or tell them what you will and won't accept, but it does not mean you adopt the cynical 'you'll never change' attitude.  

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Dave Algeo

Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

Asking yourself 'is this it?'  Have you got to a point in life where, despite working hard and building a 'great life' you still feel there's got to me more?  Here's a short video with three tips to help you get back a sense of hope and direction.