Drag your thoughts Away

daily sprout 443

Under stress, our mind will often dwell on how big the problem is and how impossible the situation is.  As we do, we often feel overwhelmed by what seems to be an impossible task ahead of us.  This in turn leads to higher stress.  Knowing this can help you to catch yourself dwelling on how big the problem is and then take alternate action.  In this case, the best course is to focus on the next step or moment.  Drag your mind from the big picture to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Watch the video and reflect on how you respond under pressure.  Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by how much there is to do and feel like you are just not up to it?  if so, remember that that is a temporary emotional state brought on by the high stress of that situation.  Allow yourself to recognise that this is what happens to you under stress.  Then drag your thoughts kicking and screaming from that sense of overwhelm.  Real progress, real problem solving comes from implementing small 'sprout sized' steps in the moment right now.

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Dave Algeo

Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

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