How Much Stuff Do You Have?

daily sprout 447

Todays' daily sprout  transcript:

How much stuff do you actually have?

We all collect stuff, things, objects, belongings and if you're like me, you always have a reason. Sometimes it's an impulsive buy but often behind it is a need or a want, I must have that, I've got to have that because it will help me with it, it will improve my life aim but just stop because we live in a world where acquiring things is perfectly acceptable, it's not just acceptable, it's expected but just stop and take stock of the things you already have and reflect on how many of them are actually serving a purpose now, they're useful to you, they're valuable, they're creating some joy in your life and just reflect on how much of it is sitting there or stored away that is pointless.

See if you can get rid of that stuff by all means but also bring that question to the fore next time you're looking at buying things because too much stuff can invade your sense of peace, contentment and calm.

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Dave Algeo

Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

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