How to be more self-compassionate

Weekly Radish 22

Are you treating yourself more harshly than you would a friend?

Here's how to stop

It's time for another weekly radish video.  This week I encourage you to think about how you view yourself and notice what you feel when you look yourself in the eye.

Might sound a bit strange, but, if you have a tendency to let your inner voice runaway with itself in a loud self-critical manner, then you are potentially damaging your confidence and self-esteem.

In this week's weekly radish video I encourage you to do three things to help you get to grips with that negative inner voice and be a little bit kinder to yourself...

This is something I have to remind myself to do regularly as I know that I can be incredibly damaging to myself when that inner-critic goes un-checked; especially when stress levels are high.

The exercise I talk about in the video is not something that comes naturally to me and is uncomfortable - after all, I'm a cynical ex-cop. What do i want with looking at myself in a mirror?

But, you know what? It works. That discomfort is something we do need to push through and challenge. I, and I'm guessing many of you, do need to really challenge that tendency to self-criticism.

Because it holds us back. It grinds us down and it adds more stress into an already demanding life.

So, watch the video and take a few moments to carry out the exercise. Be kinder to yourself.

Keep an eye out for the next blog.

Dave Algeo

Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

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