How to create strong habits for success

daily sprout 219

As habitual as brushing your teeth

In today's daily sprout  I share some thoughts on how to create new habits.  There is a lot of rubbish out there about how to create new habits and how long it takes (quick note - the idea that it takes only 28 days to form a new habit is bunk).  We are complex creatures and forming new habits can take much longer than we think.  In addition there are no guarantees that once we have formed a habit, it sticks.  One way to give ourselves a better chance at success in forming new habits is to focus on smaller and simpler processes within a bigger habit.  Think about the habit of brushing your teeth.  Most of us now don't even need to think about doing it or how to do it.  So watch today's video to find out why that is and to use that knowledge to our advantage. transcript below.

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Dave Algeo
Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

Feeling maxed out?  No headspace, time or energy? Here's a short video with three tips to help you.



- Make it as habitual
as brushing your teeth.

(smooth guitar)

Now then, for many of us, I
hope for more of us than not,

we're in the habit of routinely
brushing our teeth twice a

day. And it's become a natural habit,

it's something we often don't think about.

And this is the key to
productivity particularly

overcoming procrastination.

Is once you've identified the
things that you can routinely

procrastinate over,

then you've set yourself 10-15
minutes a day to focus on it.

Make that 10-15 minutes
a day a habit, a ritual,

a thing you will do first thing
before you do anything else

in the day.

Even if it's directly
after brushing your teeth,

or when you get to work.

Whatever it is, make that
10-15 minutes as routine as

brushing your teeth.

- [Narrator] So why don't you
kick stress in the sprouts?

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