How to develop a better opinion of yourself

Weekly Radish 33

Three ‘What if’ questions to help develop your a stronger self-image

In this week’s video I share three questions to help you focus on what you would do, think or feel if you had a better opinion of yourself. It’s important to recognise that the opinions we form of ourselves and others are just that, opinions. And, as such, may not be true! Reflect on your own opinions of yourself this week and what you would do if…

So, I hope you found this video valuable.  Spend some time over the weekend imagining what you would do, think and feel if you were to answer the what if questions in this video more positively.

Let me know your thoughts by hitting reply. 

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Dave Algeo

Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health.

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- What if you had a better
opinion of yourself?

(calm music)

Now, this week, I want to just explore

what you're saying to yourself

and how that affects how you behave

and how you live your life

and reflect on whether you are somebody

who tends to be self-critical,
pretty hard on yourself

and as such maybe lack a
certain amount of confidence

whether it's in certain
situations or generally.

Confidence, self-belief or self-esteem.

And what I wanna do is
hear three simple questions

to ask yourself to help
visualise how you would look,

how you would behave, what you would say

if circumstances were different.

So three what if questions.

Question number one, what
if you had more confidence?

Now, it may be that you
struggle with confidence

and there are lots of things
you can do around that

and I will be doing some
future videos around this

but just spend a moment thinking about

and visualising how you would act,

how you would stand, what
your posture would be like,

what your conversation, your tone of voice

and your interactions with
the others would sound like

if you had more confidence.

Put aside for the fact now

that you may now have that confidence

but just imagine the you that you would be

if you had more confidence.

What would it look like?

What it would sound like,
what would it feel like?

Just spend a few moments
visually what that's like

because it can be useful to get a handle

on what your desired
confidence looks like,

feels like, thinks like, talks like

to then be able to bring it
into your day to day life

in small ways, in those
less challenging moments

or interactions and practise
and play around with it.

What if questions number two,

what if you liked yourself more?

Chances are, you may not have
a great opinion of yourself

and you may not feel as
comfortable with yourself

or even like yourself.

So let's just put that
into one side for a moment

and just imagine what you would be like,

what would you look like,
feel like, behave like,

talk like, think like if you
actually liked yourself more?

Just spend a few moments
thinking about that

and just like the first question,

this is about getting
a clear visualisation,

a clear feeling or sense of that

so that in your day to day life now,

you can practise and
pretend and play with that

so that you can get used to the idea

of what it feels like to
like yourself a bit more.

What if question number three,

what if you believed in yourself more?

Now, many us may not have
a strong sense of belief

and confidence in what you
think that your opinions,

that your values, that your
actions are actually worthy

of being listened to, being heard,

of actually making a
difference, of being right.

So put that to one side.

Let's spend a few moments just imagining

what you would be like,
what you would feel like,

how you would behave,
how you would interact,

how you would speak and
what would thinking be like

if you actually believed in yourself more.

Just think about that and
like the other two questions,

just start to get a handle
on what that feels like

and start to play and practise it

in your day to day life going forward.

Okay, so three simple questions

and it's not necessarily
about transforming

your confidence levels
from here to soaring.

It's about making some
small but significant steps.

In the future weeks, I am
going to being looking at

developing confidence in more detail.

I'm bringing a friend of
mine, Dr. Simon Raybould

to share some of his expertise on that

but for now, it's worth
just thinking about

what if you had more confidence,

what if you had more self-belief
and belief in yourself

or what if you liked yourself more?

What would that look like,
what would it feel like

and then bring it into
your day to day life

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