It's ok to outgrow things

daily sprout 238

In today's video, I remind you that it's ok to outgrow things - whether that be a job, a relationship or a place.  We humans change and develop, so it's inevitable that we find ourselves outgrowing some aspects of our life.

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Dave Algeo
Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

Feeling maxed out?  No headspace, time or energy? Here's a short video with three tips to help you.


- It's okay to outgrow things.

(peaceful music)

This is important to reflect on,

because I remember when I was
a kid, I was a little lad,

lived in a big cool house
which had a secret tunnel.

It wasn't really a secret tunnel.

It was like a little passageway

from my bedroom to the bathroom,

basically between one
cupboard and another.

There was no back.

But when I was a little lad,

I was small enough to climb through

and thought it was the best
secret tunnel in the world.

And then five, six, seven years passed.

I came back to it and tried
to get through that tunnel,

and I couldn't fit.

I'd grown up.

I was too big to get through that tunnel.

And in reality, that's what life's like.

Things that fit you now
or did used to fit you,

whether it's a relationship,
a job, a role, an identity,

may well have suited you
perfectly in the past,

but that doesn't mean it always
will or that it does now.

It's okay to outgrow things.

So why don't you kick
stress in the sprouts?

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