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My 3 favourite weekly radish videos

In this week’s video, I prepare to bid farewell to the weekly radish with a celebration.  For now, this week, I want to take time out to celebrate.  Yes, celebrate.  Let’s be honest here, how often do we take some time out to celebrate the effort we put into life, work and projects?  So, I am practicing what I teach and having a party!  And this week I share my 3 favourite weekly radish videos.  If you missed them or others, check out the Weekly Radish Play list here.  

I also want to know your favourite Weekly Radish videos, and for week 52, I'll be sharing your top 3. So let me know by email, by Twitter @stressedguru or Facebook - The Stressed Guru.

So, go on what do you need to take time out to celebrate?   Share them with me at dave@stressedguru.com.  

Oh, and if you are brave enough - create your own weekly radish video (no need for anything fancy) and share them with me - I will happily publish the best on my You Tube channel.

Thank you so much for sticking with me over the past year.  I've enjoyed developing and filming these videos and learned a lot myself in the process.  Let me know what you think and, if you have any suggestions for future video content, let me know - dave@stressedguru.com

Missed some of the weekly radish videos? Check out the Weekly Radish Play list here.  

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Dave Algeo

Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

Asking yourself 'is this it?'  Have you got to a point in life where, despite working hard and building a 'great life' you still feel there's got to me more?  Here's a short video with three tips to help you get back a sense of hope and direction.


- Time for celebration. It's nearly a year of Weekly Radish. Yeah, it's week 49, can you believe it, of the Weekly Radish, and what I want to do for week 52 is share your favourites. So I want to encourage you now to have a look through the previous Weekly Radishes, or to record your favourites, and let me know. Let me know which ones have particularly meant something to you, that you've found useful, the tactics or the tips or shifting your mindset. Let me know yours, and in week 52, I'll share with you the top three Weekly Radish that you have voted, as a way to cap off the year. So vote for them however you want. Send me an email, david@stressedguru.com, Twitter, @stressedguru, or my Facebook page, The Stressed Guru, or better still, do me a little video, telling me which is your favourite video and why, and we might even feature you in the last week. But for this week, I want to share with you my top three, because over the year, I've shared a range of different topics, tools, strategies, thoughts, reflections, and I've had my favourites, too. So here's my top three. At number three, learning to say no. The inability to say no, or difficulty with saying no, can, for some of us, cause a lot of stress and strain. We can often feel like we are being taken advantage of. We can often take on too much. We can often find ourselves overwhelmed because we've said yes to so many things. Now saying yes, in terms of an attitude in life, is a positive thing, but for that to be positive, we need to learn when to say no and how to say no. So three things to think about in terms of getting better at saying no and changing that default setting from yes to no. Now, why is this one important to me? It's because it's something that I did struggle with. I struggled with actually being able to say no for lots of reasons: guilt, feeling like people would think badly of me, and not really having the right language around saying no. And in that video, I shared some practical thoughts on how to say no in a more comfortable way. In at number two, three tips to more positively manage emotional overwhelm. Step away. Step away from the keyboard, step away from the person, the interactions, and the situation. If you can physically move away, then move away. Create some space from that situation to allow your more rational mind to kick in. If you can't physically step away, then step away in your mind, using a breathing technique. And that's actually number two. Now, this one is particularly important. For me, and for many people that I work with, coping isn't just about practical tools on coping with the priorities and the demands that I have, but it's coping with the emotions that we experience, and that can be an incredibly challenging thing to do, because they're powerful. That's why I've found researching this particular area so useful for me, and I wanted to share those tips with you. And in at number one, developing a growth mindset. Challenge your perception of failure and mistakes. One of the things that comes through loud and clear in research over fixed mindsets is that the making of a mistake, or the fear of making a mistake, or failure, or embarrassing ourselves, humiliating ourselves, showing ourselves up, showing ourselves to be less than perfect, or weak, or whatever, those kinds of mindsets can hold us back. So shift your perspective from failure to learning. So why is this number one? This is because working towards a growth mindset is the foundation to everything I've talked about on the Weekly Radish over the year, and all of the tips and the tools and techniques that I talk about. Being fixed mindset over growth mindset means we become rigid and stuck in our behaviours, our thinking patterns, and our coping strategies. Recognising that the science and the evidence points towards our brains being capable of growth and change is so encouraging in helping us not only believe we can shift and change those negative mindsets and thinking patterns, but it provides us with some practical tools on doing so. So the foundation to everything is to start with developing and challenging yourself, so that you move from a fixed mindset in whatever area it is, whether it's your belief about yourself, belief about others, belief about the world or the way things should be, to developing a growth mindset, understanding you can shift, you can grow, you can get better with perseverance, learning, and hard work. So there's my top three. I hope you've enjoyed those, and I look forward to seeing your votes, however you want to share them. I'll compile them and I'll share them with you in week 52. Learn the six steps to putting stress in its place by visiting timeouttoolkit.com and claiming your free ebook, Emergency Stress CPR.