My three rules for life

Weekly Radish 51

Devising your own life rules

In this week’s video, I bid farewell to the weekly radish with a call to action.  I want you to come up with your own three rules for you life.  Three rules or reminders that help you focus on improving your wellbeing and how you live your life (at work, rest and play).  I share my three rules, not to promote them as the answer for you, but to highlight how important it is to take life’s lessons (and those from the past years weekly radish videos) and tailor them to suit the amazing individual that is you.  So, go on - craft your own three rules and share them with me at  

Oh, and if you are brave enough - create your own weekly radish video (no need for anything fancy) and share them with me - I will happily publish the best on my You Tube channel

I hope the suggestions in this video have given you food for thought.  Do let me know what your three rules for life would be… (email me at

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Dave Algeo

Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

Asking yourself 'is this it?'  Have you got to a point in life where, despite working hard and building a 'great life' you still feel there's got to me more?  Here's a short video with three tips to help you get back a sense of hope and direction.


- Three rules for life. What are yours? This week, it's the penultimate week of The Weekly Radish and I wanted to share with you my three rules for life. I'll explain what I mean by rules in a moment but I also want you to think, what would your three rules be? What would your three guiding principles, or reminders, be to help you live a life that shifts more towards the positive than the negative? I'll share my three. They're not rigid rules necessarily. They're reminders, they're principles, but I'll give you my three now and have a think about what would your three be. Rule number one, work hard. Now, it's not that I need a reminder to work hard. I know that working hard is beneficial and important, but what I do struggle with at times is that in a talk that says, who are you to think that you should, you're not talented in, you have no creativity, you're useless at, and that rule, that work hard rule, is a reminder to me, and if you remember my fixed versus growth mindset Weekly Radishes in the past, it's a reminder that hard work, sweat, persistence, learning from my mistakes, picking myself back up and pushing on, will trump any natural God-given talent I may have or natural inbuilt tendency to creativity or intelligence. Hard work, persistence and sweat makes the difference, and that rule reminds me of that when my mind is telling me you are useless at, who are you to think you can? Rule number two, finish things. This is something that's particularly important to me because I am particularly creative, I come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful and whacky ideas, and I wanna do them all. I get shiny object syndrome. Ooh, that's a great idea. Has anybody seen the film Up, where the dog goes, "Squirrel, squirrel?" I'm like that. I'm drawn to new things, new ideas, new concepts. I'm excited by them, and consequently, there was a time when I was juggling so many different projects and getting nothing finished. The one thing that led to an increase in my productivity in significant steps and leaps forward in my business, in lots of respects, was the mantra, finish things. Finish something, get something finished today, even if it's a sprout sized thing, get something finished this week, complete on this project. Even if I've lost heart, faith or belief that it is the right thing at that time, finish it, and that way, you get that habit of focusing in and completing things, which ties in nicely to the hard work. And number three, slow down. And this is a reminder for me again because I often spend so much of my time working towards, rushing towards, getting something done, rushing around in order to get to where I want to be. It'll be better when, when I finish that I'll achieve this, it'll be better then, I'll feel this, and I'm forgetting about the here and now. Let's slow down is the reminder to me to just stop, enjoy the process, enjoy the journey. As clichéd as that sounds, it is true because, I think it's John Lennon that said, life is what's happening while you're busy making plans. It's so easy, particularly for me, to slip into looking forward instead of being here and just appreciating and enjoying now. So, there's my three things. Work hard, finish things, and slow down. Have a reflect on those but have a think about what yours would be and share them with me. Email me,, put them on the Facebook page, The Stress Guru, tweet them, @stressedguru, but share them with me 'cause I'm interested to know what you would be living by, what reminders are so useful to you. Boil 'em down to three because I think they're more manageable than having 10, 20, 30. Tell me your three, I'm fascinated to know. And thank you. See you next week for the last Weekly Radish. Learn the six steps to putting stress in its place by visiting and claiming your free e-book, Emergency Stress CPR.