New Years Resolution Still Going?

Weekly Radish 35

3 tips to help re-energise your efforts in achieving your goals

It’s over half way through the year and I, in this video wanted to encourage you to reflect on how you are or are not progressing with your New Year’s Resolutions?  They may have lapsed, you may be well on your way to achieving your goals or you may be in a holding pattern.  This week I have a guest, Geoff Nicholson, a performance and life coach, who will share three simple tips to help you re-energise your goals.  Geoff provides one to one coaching to entrepreneurs and is the host of the hugely successful ‘Success IQ’ Podcast (

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Dave Algeo

Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

Asking yourself 'is this it?'  Have you got to a point in life where, despite working hard and building a 'great life' you still feel there's got to me more?  Here's a short video with three tips to help you get back a sense of hope and direction.

Dave Algeo, Stressed Guru is a speaker and writer committed to spreading the message - well-being and success need each other.  Get in touch to find out how he can help your organisation develop greater success with wellbeing, or learn more about his speaking and workshops.


- Hi, no I'm not Dave,

I'm Jeff Nicholson.

And in this video I want to share with you

three tips to help you reflect on

whereabouts you are with your goals,

because we're all about self reflection

to work on what it is that
you're wanting to achieve,

and sometimes to come back inward

to identify where you are.

Tip number one.

Hook a new habit onto an old one.

This helps you because it's something

that you're already doing.

So if it's something like journaling

or if it's something like meditation,

do it at the same time
you do a old routine.

So breakfast, you may have a
breakfast and a cup of coffee

at exactly the same time.

What you can do is use that to hook on

a brand new habit.

It helps embed, and it
helps speed up the process.

Number two.

Reward points.

What you do is you give yourself a reward

that you can give yourself
when you achieve something.

So for example, is if you
are wanting to lose weight,

a specific target weight,

when you get to that point,
you can give yourself a reward,

maybe it's to go out with
your family on a special day,

or maybe it's a treat and
you buy yourself something.

Number three.

Tell people about your goals.

Your goal should not be a secret.

If it's something that
you're wanting to achieve,

the more people you tell
will actually give you

more accountability.

And we prefer not to let anyone else down

rather than ourselves.

So by telling people,
and more people about it,

you are spreading your
accountability with people.

So a reminder, three tips.

Number one, hook your
goals onto an old habit.

Number two, reward points.

Give yourself something
to reward yourself with

when you achieve a specific point.

And number three, tell
people about your goals.

Your goal should not be a secret.

There's something that
you're wanting to achieve,

so the more people you tell,

the more likely you are to achieve it.

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