Not Allowing Yourself to Dream?

daily sprout 463

Todays' daily sprout  transcript:

Not allowing yourself to dream? A question to reflect on. Are you stopping yourself from dreaming and allowing yourself to imagine what you could do and you could achieve and what you could go for because you just want to protect yourself from possible failure, possible hurt, possible discomfort, possible exposing your weaknesses? The thing is even if you dream and it's impossible, seemingly impossible, it's still worth doing because it's about letting your mind go to what really matters to you. I'll give you an example. One of my dreams is to go into space and just sit in the front of a spaceship and look out at the stars and the immense world. Now is that likely? In reality it probably isn't, although there may be some opportunity I'm not aware of. But do you know what? Allowing myself to dream about that has led to me realising that I can do something similar through exploring what virtual reality has to offer because if I can't actually go to space what's stopping me sitting in some virtual reality headset and exploring it and enjoying it that way. Not allowing yourself to dream is often the protective measure but take off that prohibition and just let your mind go.

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Dave Algeo

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