Not Procrastinating Now?

daily sprout 218

Are you eating it?  The Frog?

Following on from my last daily sprout , I ask you whether you are actually eating that frog.  In other words, having reflected on what might be the big live ugly frog in your 'to do' list, I want you to get on with eating it.  It makes sense that doing the thing you least want to do and doing it first means that everything else feels easier - so why put it off?  Why not take one bite out of that frog and get on with your day? Watch today's video to find out more. And please do let me know what you think or what your big live ugly frog is in the comments below.

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Dave Algeo

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- So, are you eating that frog, then?

(light, guitar music)

Back to procrastination and
the urge to procrastinate.

No, I'm not letting you off with it yet.

It's important to get to the heart of this

because it's about getting things done

that we routinely put off.

So, having identified your
warning signs of procrastination,

what are the things that you
tend to procrastinate over?

Identify them

and then start to set aside
ten to 15 minutes a day

to just focus on tackling
one of those things.

Because all you need is ten to
15 minutes a day consistently

and you will break the
back of most projects.

- [Voiceover] Make The Daily Sprout

part of your daily routine.

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