Overcoming procrastination

daily sprout 215

Procrasturbation: Overcoming the urge

In today's daily sprout, I develop the idea of procrastination being a very human urge and offer some advice on how to overcome it.  Procrastination can feel like a blight for those of use who have goals and ambitions to do the best we can.  And yet, we can, with work, challenge the urge and get better at making progress.  So watch today's video and leave a comment below.

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Dave Algeo
Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

Feeling maxed out?  No headspace, time or energy? Here's a short video with three tips to help you.


- So how do you overcome
the urge of procrastipation?

Now then, yesterday I
asked you if you were

a procrastipator, today,
having assumed that

you probably are, just like most of us,

you do have that tendency
to put things off,

we need to start to think about

how do we overcome that urge.

The first thing is acknowledging,

the second is to start to recognise

when that urge arises.

Start to spot the signs
of you putting things off.

Do you find that you
start tidying your desk

and it's never tidier than when

you are putting something off?

Or you find stuff to
shred, or the house just

suddenly starts to look tidier

or the dishes are always washed.

What are your procrastipation signs?

Because you need to tune into them,

spot them, catch yourself doing it.

So just have a look at what your

procrastipation warning signs are.

So why don't you kick
stress in the sprouts?

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