Rehearsing creates anxiety

daily sprout 221

Are you over-thinking everything?

Many of us fall into this particular trap.  We ruminate and re-run past events, conversations and experiences.  why we do this can be any number of reasons, but, the reality is, the constant re-running of events or as destructively rehearsing of future based events can cause a great deal of angst.  In today's daily sprout  I share my thoughts on the destructive nature of rehearsing things too much.  Like any positive thing, we can overdo it and it becomes a weakness.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Dave Algeo

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- Rehearsing can create anxiety.

(slow guitar music)

I'm not knocking the
amazing benefits of practise

and rehearsal when you're trying
to get better at something,

but when rehearsal can
become really problematic

is when you do it in here for things

that you're anticipating possibly dreading

such as that conversation with somebody

that you're not looking forward to

or that argument you're
anticipating with somebody

when you get home.

Those things we can just
rehearse and rehearse

and run and run and we find ourselves

going through it time
and time and time again.

Before you've even had the conversation,

all the interaction, all the argument,

you've driven yourself into the ground,

stressed yourself out and blown it into

World War III, so beware of rehearsing

in those circumstances.

So why don't you kick
stress in the sprouts?

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