Sixty Second Rule

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A great little de-clutter tip

I picked this tip up from Gretchen Ruben, author and podcaster.  I don't know about you, but I find it's easy for clutter to build when I'm busy and under pressure.  And as it does, I find it harder to focus.  I like things to be ordered - some of us do.  And, whilst it's easy to let things slide when busy, there's a point when it gets too much and I have to stop and spend time getting re-organised.  This little tip is great, because it is a simple little rule, easily remembered and capable of being implemented.  And the result?  Keeping on top of things as you go without impacting or seeming to impact on your sense of time do get stuff done. I have found it reduces the number of times I need to actually stop and have a good tidy up. So watch the video and see what you think.

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Dave Algeo

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Asking yourself 'is this it?'  Have you got to a point in life where, despite working hard and building a 'great life' you still feel there's got to me more?  Here's a short video with three tips to help you get back a sense of hope and direction.



- Try the 60 second rule.

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Now, this is a great little
tip from Gretchen Rubin,

who's the author of several
books around habit forming,

and happiness,

and it's a great little
tip to help in terms

of procrastination, just
getting things done.

In a nutshell, it's this.

If there's something to be done,

and it's gonna take you
less than 60 seconds,

then the rule is, you just do it.

So, a good example.

Do you walk past those
things on the stairs?

You know, like the clothes that need to go

in the washing basket, or, you know,

that mug that sat there
that needs to go back down

in the sink,

and it's walked past quite several times.

I know the kids can do this.

You know, they get away a bit.

But, if it's gonna take
less than 60 seconds,

take one item, then take
another another time.

The 60 second rule means you can clear

for a lot of those sprout-sized
tasks with minimal impact

on the rest of your day.

So, remember the 60 second rule

for getting the little
sprout-sized tasks done.

So why don't you kick
stress in the sprouts?

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