Sprouts in Blankets?

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In today’s daily sprout video I share a little tip to help you get past that urge to procrastinate on the things you least want to do. I call it ‘sprouts in blankets’, the economists call it ‘temptation bundling. Want to know what I mean and how it can help you?  Watch video below or read the transcript and the ned of the blog.

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Dave Algeo

Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

Feeling lost, trapped or crushed by life? Here's a short video with three tips to help you get back a sense of hope and direction.


- Have you tried, sprouts in blankets?

(light, guitar music)

Now I'm not talking about
Christmas meals here

or I'm not talking about
wrapping sprouts up in blankets.

What I mean is,

when you really struggle
to get moving on a task.

Even if it's a sprout-sized task.

Sometimes you just can't
get yourself going,

you can't motivate yourself.

So here's what I suggest,

wrap that little sprout-sized task

up in some tasty bacon.

What I'm talking about here
is temptation bundling.

Making that task easier to swallow.

Wrapping it in something
that you will enjoy,

some sort of reward while
you're doing the task.

Often we leave the reward 'til after,

but if you're struggling
to get going with a task

give yourself the reward as
you get started on the task.

If it's a bit of chocolate

to get yourself going, great.

If it's lovely outside

and you're sitting inside doing the task,

see if you can do it outside.

Bundle the task with
something pleasurable.

That's your sprout in blanket approach.

- [Voiceover] So why don't you
kick stress in the sprouts?

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