The Art of Sleeping

Weekly radish 43

Three tips to get better at this sleep thing

Improving sleep relies on taking time to practice getting better at it.  Now, as a teenager, I felt I could have competed internationally at the ‘sleep olympics.’  Not so much now!  However, there are some simple steps to help improve our actual sleep quality. I share three tips in this week’s 

Sleep is something we can find ourselves quickly spiralling down into of lack of sleep, propping ourselves up with stimulants, feeling unable to relax for sleep despite being exhausted and then repeat, repeat.  In this video and the previous week’s I hope I have given you some food for thought and hope when it comes to regaining some control over your sleep patterns and some practical tips to help you get back into some healthier sleep habits.  Let me know your thoughts and experiences.  What helpful sleep hacks do you have to improve your sleep?  I've talked about some key tips and basic principles, but you may have some of your tried and tested little tricks that help you get a decent night's sleep.  Why not share them below and lets see if we can build up a bank of sleep tips and tactics.

Don't forget that I offer a number of free short courses (see the blog signature below) to help you build on this video content.  The coming week's I share more tips, but the additional content in the courses include some guided relaxations (the Facebook messenger course in particular).  Drop a comment below to let me know your thoughts, etc.

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