The benefits of mindful practice

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Three reasons short daily practice is worthwhile

In this week’s video I explore why a short daily mindfulness practice is so beneficial.  I compare to the benefits of physical training and give three reasons why you need to incorporate a short daily practice into your life.  I heard a great way of explaining why meditation is a great way to achieve a more mindful state more frequently.  If you consider that fitness is the outcome sought by many who undertake some form of exercise, then think of mindfulness as the outcome sought by practicing meditation more regularly.  But, just like exercise, there are other ways to improve fitness, like daily incidental movement and activity.  Likewise, incidental moments of mindful practice that you would not necessarily badge as meditation can help improve our ability to be more mindful in the moment.  But, like exercise and fitness, meditation is accepted as being one of the most effective methods of skilling up in our mindful abilities.

 Look out for next week’s video in which I provide three tips to help you get started with your daily mindful practice in small sprout sized chunks of effort and time.  

The Weekly Radish is coming to up to it’s one year birthday! I will be moving onto a new project at that point, so keep an eye out for more information on my ‘Man Sprouts Project’ (check it out at  More of that in future videos.  For now, watch and learn why a daily mindfulness or meditation practice can be vital to your wellbeing.

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Dave Algeo
Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

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