The Importance of Being Sleepy- pt 10

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I mentioned in a previous post the importance of keeping your bedroom as a space for sleeping in, and there are several ways you can optimise your room for sleep (check out these posts for more in this blog series and advice on sleep).  

1.     Keep it tidy

De-clutter and find storage solutions for the stuff you do need to keep in your bedroom. Ideally we don’t want to be reminded of the pressures of daily life in our sleeping quarters, so keep the clutter to a minimum and well out of sight.

2.     Gadget-free zone

Flashing LEDs, lights and whirring fans just aren’t conducive to a good night’s kip. Get rid of all but the most essential electrical bits and pieces in your bedroom, and enjoy your entertainment electronics in another area of the house.

3.     Keep cool

Sleep happens when the body’s core temperature drops by a degree or two, so keep your bedroom cool and well aired, rather than letting it get too hot and stuffy. Avoid getting too cold, though, as this can keep you awake as well.

4.     Welcome to the dark side

For a healthy sleep/wake cycle, the body needs to experience definite changes in light, that’s why it’s great to get outdoors for a bit every day. If your bedroom is lit at night by outdoor streetlights and LEDs, consider installing a blackout blind or curtain, or investing in an eye-mask so you can’t be disturbed by too much light.

5.     Shut out the noise

If you’ve got pets that have a tendency to wander in during the middle of the night to yowl at you/climb over you/start digging for something in the corner/demanding some sort of attention, it might be time to start closing the door. I know they won’t like it, but trust me, they do learn eventually! Make sure they’ve got somewhere comfy and warm to sleep in another part of the house and fingers crossed they’ll sleep there instead!

6.     Beautiful bed

Over time mattresses, covers and pillows degrade. Make sure your sleeping equipment is in good condition, offering you the right support for your back and neck to avoid any unnecessary pressures on your body.

So there you have a few easy tips for optimising your sleeping environment. Let me know if they work for you!

SG out

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