Sleep Deprivation - the consequences

Importance of being sleepy - pt3

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The Experiment Continues

Today I document my experiences with staying awake 20 hours into the experiment (click if you missed part 1 and part 2?

3am.  Now 20 hrs into the experiment and for some strange reason, I am finding that I am rattling through a load of ‘to do’s’ that have been lying around for some time.  Have devised a couple more information leaflets for my website, sorted all my emails out – deleting unwanted and filing (yes filing) others.  Starting to feel a real buzz about this now.  Wonder if I could do this more often.  What’s the harm really?? Especially if I am this productive everytime!

5am – I don’t feel tired.  Yes I have  a strange thick feeling in my head but, otherwise am still working away.  I seem to have naturally moved from more challenging tasks such as writing reports, books, articles etc to more sedate but strangely engaging tasks such as changing the layout of a leaflet, choosing some artwork the leaflets and proof reading.  That last one is weird.  Surely I need to be alert to have an eye for detail?  Maybe so, since I haven’t found a mistake yet…. unless of course that’s cos I’m perfect!

7am – 24hrs in.  Can hear the street outside coming to life.  This is weird.  I suppose I have experienced this before thanks to my police career but normally at this time, having completed a full night shift I would be climbing under the duvet chuckling to myself at the thought that whilst the rest of the world is getting up, I am going to bed to sleep.

But not this time.  Sadly I have another 15 or so hours to go.

Lesson learnt so far?

As a one off, which I hope this is, I can see the attraction of going without sleep.  There is scope for achieving so much – ticking off the list all those jobs and gaining a real rush from that.

I can see one down side already though…  It could be addictive!

Let’s see how the next 15 hours go...  (read part 4 here)

Keep an eye out for the next blog.

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