Sleep deprivation continues to be a problem

Importance of being sleepy - pt4

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Sleep Deprivation starts to bite

My sleep deprivation experiment has 15 hours to go. (read previous blogs)

8am – Feel sick.  I actually feel like I’m gonna throw up.  Should eat something but can’t face it.  Just want my bed.  Who would know?  I could just take a nap.  Just a little one.  No-one would know.

Got to get on with something to keep myself occupied.  I check my emails – again. B-Daily arrives.  I read it for the first time in months.  I even take part in the survey! Roll on 10pm tonight.

12 midday – somehow I’ve made it thru to lunchtime without throwing up.  My eyes feel like dried prunes and I really must remember to check everything that I have typed this morning.  Found a ‘fart’ in one of my emails.  I think I had meant to type – ‘start’ so God knows how that happened.

4pm – This is ridiculous.  Who’s stupid idea was this anyway?   Wait till I see them.  I’m going to tear them a new…. where was I?  Who am I?  Oh God, I feel like poo.

8pm - somehow have managed to get through watching the One Show without falling asleep.  That’s a feat in itself but I’m pretty proud of it today.  Bed, bed, bed, bed.

10pm – bed – Oh My God, am I glad to see you.  Not even going to get undressed or do my teeth!  Sleep

Tomorrow I review the lessons learned..

Keep an eye out for the next blog.

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