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Fridge Raider or Meal Planner? 

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Dave Algeo

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- Are you a f'rigerator or a meal planner

when it comes to time management?


(light, guitar music)

Now what am I talkin' 'bout?

I'm talkin' about the approach you take

to getting stuff done.

Do you tend to be
somebody who just looks at

whatever there is that needs to be done

and just starts picking away?

Just like a 'frigerator,

you go to the fridge and
you see what's in there

and you make a meal out of it.

Or are you somebody who takes
a more considered approach?

Somebody who decides right,

"What meal do I want to have here?

What ingredients do I need?

What have I got in the house,

and what do I need to shop for?"

That's taking a more of an outcome-focused

approach of working what my goal is,

what am I trying to achieve,

what ingredients do I need to achieve it?

One is not a better
strategy than the other,

it's about time and place.

Let's be right to be
productive and make progress

on your projects the
best approach is probably

to be a meal planner:

to clearing what you want to achieve,

what the ingredients are,

and then set away making the meal.

But there are times when you
just need to clear the fridge

when, perhaps you're going on holiday

or you're taking the
weekend, a long weekend,

and you want to have clear head space.

You just need to clear a
lot of those big tasks off,

that's the 'frigerator tactics.

So, decide, whether you're a 'frigerator

or a meal planner, by default

and recognise that both
of them have benefits

and pick the right approach
for the right work, task,

or project.

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