We Do Have the Power

daily sprout 475

Todays' daily sprout  transcript:

We do have the power.

"Stress forces us to shift our normally rational perspective to a more irrational, potentially destructive view of the situation.We do have the ability to shift that back"

Yep, this is a quote from yours truly, and I think it's gets to the heart of this feeling when we're under stress that we just don't have any sense of power, and actually we do. We have more power than we give ourselves credit for. Even if it's a small action, a small decision, a small choice, we do have power. Give yourself credit that you have more control, influence, and power over the situations and events in your life.

And, ultimately, that's what can lead us to a more empowered and fulfilling life.  No longer a victim of circumstance or the whims of others. So take some action now - no matter how small. Go on, you know you want to.

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Dave Algeo

Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

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