Men, Father's, Alcohol and Depression

Episode 2 of The Weekly Radish Podcast

weekly radish podcast this week - alcohol and depression

As you know I am publishing the few episodes of the weekly radish podcast that were created and aired.  Here is Episode 2.  I decided to keep this one in too as it relates so much to my work, why I focus on men's mental health and resilience, albeit it is a raw one:

Here is episode two of the Weekly Radish podcast.  It wasn't a the episode I had planned and I was hesitant to share this but it is so relevant to my aim and the intention of the podcast and the theme for 2018.  I also share my love of the poem, 'Do not go Gentle into that Good night' by Dylan Thomas.  In a nutshell, my father passed away suddenly a few days before I reocrded this episode.  And he did so, alone and surrounded by empty bottle of wine.  He was a heavy drinker, plagued I believe by alcoholism and depression.  And he passed away, alone:

Show Notes...

Short and sweet this week...

Do not go Gentle into that Good night - words of poem, Dylan Thomas

Do not go Gentle into that Good night - poem read by Dylan Thomas

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