Get Walking, Improve your Mood

Episode 4 of The Weekly Radish Podcast

walking and wellbeing weekly radish podcast

Welcome to the fourth and final episode of the Weekly Radish in which I interview Duncan O'Brien, PhD.  Duncan is a Personal Trainer with a particular expertise in helping individuals return to fitness and activity after burnout or a long period of absence from exercise.  We explore the importance of slowly building up activity in order to avoid it contributing to further stress burnout.  Duncan shares his views on the benefits of natural movement and behaving like children at play - crawling, rolling, tumbling.  All great stuff for not just physical wellbeing but also for mental wellbeing. 

I also share my own experience with taking Duncan's advice and building up from scratch by walking every morning and the surprising side benefits on my mood, sense of calm and composure during the day.

Show Notes...

Duncan O'Brien is a personal trainer and can be found on Facebook at - .  Duncan specialises in working with busy, tired and stressed-out people, helping them regain a sense of health, physical flexibility, all whilst learning to enjoy breaking a sweat and getting fit.

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