Writer’s Block – stress and writing

Part 1 of the blog series

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Understanding and Overcoming Writer’s Block

Ok, it’s time. Time to hit the keyboard and get these blogs written. The subject of this next series? Writer’s block… Here goes…

8am            Following a plea from a fellow writer, I’ve decided to write a series of blogs to help all writers (including me) get to grips with the pain in the bum that is writer’s block.  Anyone who has sat down at the computer, typewriter or blank notepad, only to find that all the ideas, characters, words and stories that were buzzing round your head have suddenly disappeared, knows the frustration and the heartache of writer’s block.  Mind it’s a good drying day isn’t it?  Think I’ll put some washing in...

9am            So, what is it? And why does it happen?  Well let’s take the writing of this article for example.  It’s taken me several attempts to get this one out.  Why is that?  Ooh, I better get that washing out.

9.30            Is it because I’m thinking, ‘who am I to think I can tell proper writers how to deal with writer’s block?’ – could be.

Is it because the task of writing this blog and crafting everything I want to say into a work of literary genius overwhelms me before I start?  Could be.

Is it because I have my email on and keep getting dipping in and out to answer each and every email within 30 seconds of it appearing in my in-box?  Could be…  Hmm Looks like rain, better get that washing in and onto the radiators

10am            Is it because the scale of the task overwhelms me and anything I write today is a mere drop in the ocean that is the finished product?  Could be.  (Well maybe not for this blog, but definitely for the book I’m writing about stress!)

Or, is it the mild mannered janitor (Hong Kong Phooey reference there for those that don’t know what I’m talking about – check out the video below)?  I could just go for a biccy now…

10.45            Or is it that, when faced with the task of writing, the art of writing – the crafting, the creativity – THE CREATIVITY (goddammit) – just goes!!!  Why is that?  Does my head in, that one.  I’m driving along and have the most fantastic idea, or come up with a great sequence of words for the book, and when I finally sit down to write it – it comes out like absolute clart!

Well whatever it is, I’ve had it, and I’m declaring war on writer’s block!  In a bit. It’s definitely time for a cuppa.

Tomorrow, I’m going to look at procrastination and perfectionism and the impact upon our writing.  That sounds like I’m procrastinating doesn’t it?  Honest, I’m not, I’ve just got some ironing to do.

In the meantime, if you have your own tips, suggestions or issues about stress and writer’s block, I’d love to hear them.

More tomorrow… promise (cross my heart and hope to die, stick a soggy whatever in my eye)

Keep an eye out for the next blog.

Dave Algeo

Motivational Speaker on resilience and men's mental health. 

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