Durham University

"As a leading university, we recognise the importance of developing personal resilience within our staff and teams in order to achieve excellent performance and personal effectiveness. Dave Algeo has, for several years now, successfully delivered his 'Stress CPR' workshops and masterclasses which have been open to staff from all departments and disciplines. His workshops are always well attended and the feedback is extremely good. I have no doubt that Dave's work is contributing to individual wellbeing and helping to positively influence the engagement culture which is developing at the University."

Sophie Sowerby, Training & Development Manager

'Dave ran a workshop for a group of Year 11 students who wanted help with managing their stress, particularly around exams and revision. The workshop was a great opportunity for the students to identify what does stress them out and how they can manage this with practical tips. The session was both enjoyable and interactive but also really informative. We received excellent feedback from the students who were able to develop personally, taking the skills they learnt forward which will be useful not just for their upcoming exams but throughout many aspects of their lives.‘

Melanie Holmes,  Assistant Access  Officer at Durham University