Feeling trapped in your career or organisation?

Is this you?

  • Feel 'trapped' in a career you no longer love or enjoy, because of the financial implications of leaving?
  • Feel stressed and at risk in terms of your wellbeing because you are struggling with the demands of a role that has changed from the original role you undertook?
  • Have an idea for a new income stream (business or home hobby) and want to explore how to develop it and test whether it could offer such an opportunity?

Escape is possible - but is it the right path?

Recent conversations and the Aon report got me thinking about this idea of 'escape.' The reality is, whilst escape is possible, the grass may not be greener, and there are certainly some key realities to consider before deciding what is best for you. The thing is, how many of us make the decision by default? In other words, how many of us, don't even rationally consider the implications, etc and just don't decide - thereby making the decision to stay, put up with it and remain unhappy?

Escape(?) Coaching

That's where, I think coaching can be really useful. It won't tell you what you should do. But it can help you to identify the key issues and questions you need to consider in order to make a conscious decision rather than a decision by 'non-decision.'

And it can help you to then plan how to make the best of whatever you decide is the most appropriate course of action.

So, as this ties in with me commencing a Masters in Coaching and Mentoring later this September, I am looking for a number of people who may feel they are 'trapped' in their career and could benefit from coaching support to work through the options. I will be offering this at a reduced cost and I am looking for some one-to-one candidates and some who feel they might benefit from online group coaching.

Escape(?) Coaching

Since I am just scoping out interest in this area, I will provide more details in due course if demand from you is sufficient.

So, if you have an interest (without any commitment at this stage), drop your name and email in the below and I will collate.  

This will be absolutely confidential (I won't share with anyone) - so I suggest you register with a non-work email address.

Thank you - David Algeo

Please do get in touch with me in the meantime, if you want to chat about this or any of my other work.