Guided Relaxation Audio Relaxation

Susan Boggon-Smith, is a qualified evidence based-hypno-therapist.  Susan has kindly provided Stress(ed) Guru Members a guided relaxation based on her work.  Susan specialises in providing bespoke hypno-therapy for clients with all manner of fears, anxieties and concerns (to learn more visit).  This is a 10 to 12 minute guided 'sampler' giving a flavour of a longer hypnosis session:

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Here are some useful resources to support you in the practice of mindfulness which can be a powerful way to relax.

Check out 'Headspace.'  They offer a free 10 day ‘My Headspace – Take 10′ programme as an app.  Go for it.  It’s ten minutes a day and I find it works brilliantly – helping to switch off and recharge. 

Books and Audio Resources

Here are some great resources to buy for those of you interested in delving further into mindfulness and relaxation practice;