The Sprout Academy

Feel there's more to you and life?

Struggling to relax and enjoy life?

Need support to stress less? 

Want to grab life by the sprouts?

The Sprout Academy is here to support you in creating a sprout-tastic life. 

Courses, videos, audio relaxations, e-books and a community of like minded sprout sweaters (in Dave's Allotment Facebook Group). All for the cost of less than two Lattes a month!

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The Sprout Academy

Access to a shed load of courses, resources, videos, audios, tools and support to help you:

  • Stress less
  • Cope better
  • Sleep well
  • Achieve more
  • Feel energetic, purposeful, confident

Resources to help you with your wellbeing:

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An investment in you

Thrive and crush life - rather than surviving and letting life crush you.

Join and stop putting yourself on hold.  You matter and so does your contribution to life, and those that matter to you.  And here's the thing.  It needn't involve massive sacrifice or a huge overhaul.  It's all in the sweating of the sprouts - those daily actions and habits that can transform you, your life, your health and give you a greater sense of place, purpose, fulfilment and meaning.  Overcome those worries, anxieties, fears and stresses.  Become a more focused, composed and motivated version of yourself.  Join the Sprout Academy to learn how to chunk down those cabbages, sweat the right sprouts and nurture your inner radish.

Actually Dave, I need to know a bit more:

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