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The Man Sprouts Podcast

My aim is to challenge the male stereotype of 'shut the **** up and get on with it.' Being more open about all things to do with our wellbeing is not 'unmanly.' 

It is the single most important ingredient in becoming the man you were meant to be - on your terms and defined by you.  It's about putting 'stress' in its place, reclaiming your man sprouts and getting on with the adventure that is your life.

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A 'Positive Sprout-look'

I believe that developing the way men open up and talk about their mental health is critical in not only reducing the rates of male suicide and psychological crisis, but in helping them achieve their full potential in work and life.  And that includes me, because I'm a 'work in progress' too.  That's why this matter so much to me.  I am regularly confronted with my own challenges and limitations and I have to pull out my own 'man-sprouts' tool bag to help me get back on track, stay on track and push on. My podcast Man Sprouts and growing the Man Sprouts Movement is my mission.  I want to grow an army of 'Man Sprout Advocates' focused on creating a 'positive sprout-look' for men's mental health and personal growth. So, why not join the movement and get the Man Sprouts podcast every week to your email inbox.

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More about 'Man Sprouts'

Thriving as a man in the world today requires a shift in our mindset, development of new skills and a willingness to challenge the existing culture.

It can be challenging finding our place amidst the confusing stereotypes and expectations.  And, we may not be great at opening up about our feelings, struggles and desires. 

Dave Algeo, is a speaker, writer and podcaster specialising in working with individuals and organisations to achieve sustainable success.  In other words, success without sacrificing ones own wellbeing.

His life experience with stress, strain and anxiety has led him to have a real passion for promoting men's mental health and wellbeing.  The Man Sprouts Movement has been born of a real concern with the challenges men face in being open about their mental health and defining themselves in a world of confusing male stereotypes.  

Check out these short videos relating to some of the classic challenges faced by many blokes:

Feeling Maxed Out?

Feeling Crushed, Trapped or Lost?

Asking yourself, 'Is this it?'

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