Overcoming alcohol and finding success


episode 2 - alcohol and male mental health

Welcome to episode 2 of the man sprouts podcast. 

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I share an interview Gary McKendrick, MD of Omega Asbestos who shares his experiences with alcohol and mental health. Gary, in his earlier life, developed a reliance on alcohol in order to socialise, feel more confident and reduce his own anxieties.  In this interview he shares his background and openly talks about his self-image problems, eating disorder and that alcohol dependency.  He shares his turning point and how he started to turn things around.  I am hoping to have Gary back for a second part of the interview as he shares some great strategies that he found useful - unfortunately the quality of the audio was not good enough to use.

Gary has a down to earth, humorous perspective which is worth listening to...

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Show Notes:

Interviewee - Gary McKendrick Omega Asbestos


Link to Samaritans - Men, Suicide and Society


Dave Algeo, Stress(ed) Guru