Dealing with High Stress Moments

Man Sprouts Episode 8

episode 8 of the man sprouts podcast - dealing with high stress

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Man Sprouts Podcast.  This episode I share an interview with Dr Simon Raybould, author of 'Presentation Genius' in which he shares insights from science on how to create and deliver better presentations.  In this interview Simon shares his tools and strategies to help us cope more positively with those high stress moments.  We all have moments where we end up losing it, saying or doing something we regret or not standing up for ourselves or someone else.  That old 'fight, flight or freeze' mechanism can be overpowering.  

Listen to the interview as Simon shares some tips on how to deal with that sense of overwhelm and thus enable you to respond more positively and appropriately in those moments. 

And check out the show notes below for more about Dr Raybould's work and a special offer he has for listeners:

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Show Notes:

Dr Simon Raybould

Dr Simon Raybould

Dr Simon Raybould is an author, speaker, and researcher.  His book 'Presentation Genius' explores the science of creating and delivering great presentations.  Get it here.  Simon is also offering listeners to the Man Sprouts Podcast and exclusive discount on his online course 'How to Handle Nerves' - click here and enter the code mansprouts when prompted to receive a 20% discount.  

presentation genius book

Presentation Genius the book, available to buy here








Other useful links and information:


Link to Samaritans - Men, Suicide and Society

As a word of advice for any one experiencing their own sense of desperation, loss or crisis, please, don't endure it alone.  Seek help.  From family, trusted friends and professionals.  Your own Doctor or GP is a great place to start.  Or there are great services provided by organisations such as the Samaritans.  For further advice on professional support and advice check out the NHS resources.  

This podcast series is intended to encourage reflection on your own wellbeing and mental health.  It seeks to encourage you to speak up and get help where needed and take hope that you things can be better.  It is not intended as therapy or a replacement for professional help and advice.


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