Op. Snooze Audio Relaxation Recordings

Op. Snooze Audio Relaxation Recordings


Thank you for taking the Seven Day ‘Operation Snooze’ sleep improvement course. As promised, for a small fee (less than a Latte from a high street coffee shop), you can purchase and download the full quality original relaxations in audio format. Just click to buy and you will be given a link from which you can download the tracks in a zipped file. Any problems, please email me at dave@stressedguru.com.

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In the zipped file you will find the following tracks:

  1. Introduction and Welcome to Operation Snooze
  2. Day 1 Sleep Relaxation Audio
  3. Day 2 Sleep Relaxation Audio
  4. Day 3 Sleep Relaxation Audio
  5. Day 4 Sleep Relaxation Audio
  6. Day 5 Sleep Relaxation Audio
  7. Day 6 Sleep Relaxation Audio
  8. Day 7 Sleep Relaxation Audio
  9. Day 1 Sleep Tip
  10. Day 2 Sleep Tip
  11. Day 3 Sleep Tip
  12. Day 4 Sleep Tip
  13. Day 5 Sleep Tip
  14. Day 6 Sleep Tip
  15. Day 7 Sleep Tip

Once purchased you will receive a link to download the zipped file.  PLEASE NOTE YOU HAVE 24HRS TO DOWNLOAD BEFORE LINK BECOMES INVALID - If you lose the link or it expires, please email me at dave@stressedguru.com.  Once downloaded, double click on the zipped file and this will open up all the tracks.  From there, add to you media player/ smart phone of choice.