Positive Coping

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Positive Emotional Coping Course: A short free email course to help you develop more positive coping habits when it comes to dealing with negative emotions.  Sign up below to join the waiting list and receive a great downloadable infographic to hep you understand the key elements of positive emotional coping. And don't forget to scroll down to access the rest of the resources too.

Resources to help you cope more positively with the Cabbages that life can throw at you...

Life and work can present more than its fair share of challenges and demands (or as I like to refer to them - Cabbages).  How we cope with them can mean the difference between feeling crushed, trapped and overwhelmed or in control, capable, confident and positive.  It's the difference between surviving (just!) or thriving. 

Check out the resources below, intended to motivate and equip you to cope more positively with the cabbages that life and work chuck at you...

Need a quick and easy to read book that gives you some practical no nonsense tools to help you cope with those 'stress emergencies'?  Well click on the book image to learn how to manage stress quickly.

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Emotional Coping Infographic

Our emotions are powerful things and they can get the better of us.  Use this one page infographic to remind you why we have emotions, why they are difficult to ignore and the six key steps to more positively manage negative emotions using the 'Give yourself C.R.E.D.I.T.' model.  Check out the further reading below for a great book - 'Emotional Agilityby Susan David PhD.

Some additional 'coping' resources - helping you to shift form negative to positive coping...

Blogs on... confidencealcoholanxiety, & worry

Check out these 'Weekly Radish' videos to develop your coping skills:

And some stress related Daily Sprout videos:

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