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Let's Talk About... Your Event

Motivating and engaging audiences to see success as a focus on great performance and great well-being.  Your event is a fantastic opportunity to motivate, educate and inspire your people.  It is a great way to highlight your commitment to a performance and wellbeing culture. 

Engaging, memorable, original, funny and, most importantly, actionable back in the "real world."   Delegates leave motivated to act upon and talk about the content and learning long after the event.

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Event Topics

Are you Sweating the Right Sprouts?

Focusing on achieving success with (not at the cost of) wellbeing

Are you and your people - your leaders, managers and teams - 'sweating the right sprouts?' 

Are they clear about the goals and outcomes (the cabbages), and focused on sweating the prioritiy activities (the sprouts) to get there? 

Do they have great personal resilience? Do they appreciate the importance of 'self-care' (nurturing their inner radish)? 

Dave's entertaining session (also dubbed 'the cabbage keynote'), is a fantastic way to break down resistance and build a brilliant 'up for it' vibe.  Through the use of humour, props and Dave's down-to-earth approach, delegates will leave with motivation and practical tools to implement immediately.  Get in touch to learn more here.


Forget Work-Life Balance!

And think 'Work-Life Navigation.'  Striving towards a perfect or ideal 'work-life balance' can, in fact be counter-productive.  Understanding how we live, work and cope emotionally and psychologically can lead us to better understand the reality of 'navigating' a more meaningful course through our life and work.

Dave will share practical tools and strategies to enlighten and equip delegates to positively cope and navigates life's challenges and thrive rather than survive.  Get in touch to learn more here.


Reclaim your 'Man Sprouts'

Sessions aimed squarely at men, providing eye opening insights into male mental health, and providing accessible, down to earth ways in which men can both contribute to creating a positive culture around this subject AND take care of their own mental health.  Get in touch to learn more here..

We asked Dave to deliver a session on managing personal resilience at our Mid-Year Department Head’s Conference. The aim of the conference is to reflect on past success and performance and focus on future challenges. Dave’s session was intended to encourage some reflection on managing the demands of the role in a multi-national environment and maintaining well-being. The short session proved to be a fantastic compliment to the main business. Dave’s ‘Stress CPR’ strategy and tools, along with his entertaining and engaging style proved a hit amongst my team and major talking point thereafter. I believe the resources provided during that session are helping my team perform more effectively, without forgetting the need to look after their own health and stress levels.
We pride ourselves on giving our clients a supportive, friendly and professional service. Our annual conferences, in particular, allow us to offer our customers a chance to network, share best practice and learn. We asked Dave Algeo, Stress(ed) Guru, to present his ‘Stress CPR’ showcase to over 100 delegates at our 2015 conference. We recognise that stress and the need to develop a tool-kit of tactics to develop resilience within teams is vital to success. Dave went down a storm! He provided a hugely engaging session, combining great strategies, tips and tactics, with humour, creative delivery styles and a down to earth practical approach which resonated with our audience.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dave for your conference and I know several of our clients are keen to engage Dave to run some bespoke workshops within their own organisations to achieve success and enhance well-being.

Professional Speaking Association

North East Chapter

Dave Algeo is also current Vice President of the North East Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association UK, part of the Global Speakers Federation