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Below is further information on what to expect form the membership.

And, why wait?  You can pop over to my 'how to page' and check out some of my great free resources intended to help you put stress in its place, relax more and cope better. 

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The Sprout Academy

Access to a shed load of courses, resources, videos, audios, tools and support to help you:

  • Stress less
  • Cope better
  • Sleep well
  • Achieve more
  • Feel energetic, purposeful, confident

Resources to help you with your wellbeing:

tips, tools and support on emotional coping and positive coping strategies
area dedicated to men's wellbeing, male mental health and personal development
a community supporting men's mental wellbeing, resilience and self-development
tips, tools and course on improving sleep, reducing anxiety and worry
short online courses to help you manage stress, relax more and get back on track
a reserve of bonus material from the man sprouts podcast
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Here's why I am launching the Sprout Academy.  It's through my own personal experience with dealing with anxiety and feeling lost and purposeless that I realised what was not on offer for blokes going through the tough times: